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The Beast Rooftop Bus Kits

The Beast Rooftop Bus Kits

The Beast is unquestionably the most well designed, best performing, and service friendly HVAC system available for the bus industry today. After 2 years of engineering and extensive lab testing it was released in 2018. Each self-contained Beast unit includes: Evaporator core with dual Spal motors, Condenser coils with dual Spal 14” fans, Commercial grade TXV refrigeration valve, Copper connection tubes, Power distribution system and Gel coated Fiberglass cover. The Beast system can be configured to work on any bus application. Depending on size of chassis and passenger count a single or dual system configuration can be used.

Rooftop HVAC System - The Beast

System Specifications:
• Evaporator and Condenser – all coils are machined in the US with enhanced Copper Tube and Corrugated Aluminum Fins
• AC- 96,000 BTU
• Heat- 78,000 BTU
• CFM – 1576
• Condenser Fans – Dual Spal waterproof 14” puller fans
• 3246 CFM per Beast (6492 CFM per Freightliner)
• Power Draw - 75 Amps Max Draw per system
• Lightweight, all aluminum chassis construction.
• Relay board and TXV valve Service access from inside the vehicle
• Each Beast unit is designed to perform as a Ducted or Free Blow System
• All systems are manufactured and supported in Elkhart, Indiana
• Warranty: 3 years/100,000 miles

Please call or email one of our HVAC specialists at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to determine which configurations best suits your application.